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How to know if a user stop typing?

Something like this:

   //do something

But how you can know if that was the last .onkeyup event?

I think that needs a timer, to know when the user stop typing can be 2 seconds after the last .onkeyup... Some thing like that.


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Yes, you are right... you can use a timer based solution like

jQuery(function ($) {
    //to store the reference to the timer
    var timer;
    $('#myinput').keyup(function () {
        //clear the previous timer
        //create a new timer with a delay of 2 seconds, if the keyup is fired before the 2 secs then the timer will be cleared
        timer = setTimeout(function () {
            //this will be executed if there is a gap of 2 seconds between 2 keyup events
        }, 2000);

Demo: Fiddle

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The only line that I don't understand is: "jQuery(function ($) { })" Why you use the $ inside a function parameters? ... –  wwwanaya Jun 3 '14 at 3:02

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