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I've inherited a Classic ASP application that requires some maintenance.

What's the most up to date/capable IDE and Operation System that I can use to perform this maintenance?

I'll be setting up the Env in a VM - so won't be tied to it full time. Hopefully there's something newer than Visual Interdev for me to use. Ideally I'm hoping for some code completion and a debug capability.

Cost is of interest, but is not a deciding factor.

cheers, Ian

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No need to setup a VM, since all you need is Visual Studio 2008 and IIS installed in your dev machine (Presumably you have both already installed if you are a .net developer).

Be sure to install VS2008 SP1 for proper ASP Classic intellisense support.

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Great answer Ed, you're suggesting software about 10 years newer than I was expecting to use! I'll give it a go. cheers, Ian –  ianmayo Mar 9 '10 at 13:53
Ian: beware the ASP classic support is an optional (no default) installation in Windows Vista and 7 IIS, so remember to tick to checkbox. –  Eduardo Molteni Mar 9 '10 at 14:01
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