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This is my url


I am able to open this path in IE. but unable to set loginid & password. Also dont know how to fire click event.

following is code that I have tried.

$ie = New-Object -com InternetExplorer.Application
$ie.visible = $true

$doc = $ie.document
$user = $doc.getElementById("ctl00_MPH_txtUserName")
$password = $doc.getElementById("ctl00_MPH_txtPassword")
$submit = $doc.getElementById("ctl00_MPH_btnEnterClick")

$user.value = "emailid"
$password.value = "password"


$ie.Document.body | Out-File -FilePath C:\Users\amol.kshirsagar\Documents\FastTrack\Work\Extra\AutoLogin\log.txt


This is error that I am getting,

You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
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You call the Quit() method before accessing the Document.body member. As the Quit() call, well, quits the application, don't you think it should be somewhat peculiar to access its data afterwards?

Try accessing the member first, then quitting the browser instance.

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