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I am using a drop-down menu written in CSS. Been able to get it to my liking but one thing seems to elude me. I want the drop-down menu to close upon mouse click on an item. Fiddling around with :target for some time, just cannot make it work.


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What is actually supposed to happen when an item is clicked on? The menu closing and nothing else does not seem useful. –  thirtydot Jun 3 at 7:42
Why don't you use JavaScript for that purpose: $('ul.subs li ul li').on('click', function(){$(this).toggle()}) for example? –  bodi0 Jun 3 at 7:43
I know the easy way out would be js, but would LOVE to use CSS here too. –  Joosep Jun 3 at 8:01
thirtydot, I removed the links in the jsfiddle because they are not important for the question in hand. That part functions well and got no problem there. –  Joosep Jun 3 at 8:04
I don't understand why you want to close the menu on clicking an item when the user is then (near) instantly taken to another page. What's the point? From a UX perspective it even seems like a bad idea, though of course that's debatable. –  thirtydot Jun 3 at 8:23

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