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dojo.addOnLoad( function() {
 attach on click to id="textDiv"
 dojo.query('#Specific_consultant-Yes').onclick( function(evt) {
//    document.getElementById("Consultants").style.visibility = "hidden";
        dojo.style.setVisibility('Consultants', false);

I tried to write code like this in zend in views page . the alert command works but the hiding of element does not work!!!any problem in code?

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try to use the following code:

dojo.style("Consultants", "visibility", false);

i suspect the id of the element to be hidden is "Consultants"?

if this is not working, please provide your html-code.

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It did not work <div class="field50Pct"><div class="fieldItemLabel"><label for="Consultants" class="required">Consultants</label> </div><div class="fieldItemValue"> <select name="Consultants" id="Consultants"> <option value="1" label="Krishna">Krishna</option> <option value="2" label="Krishna1">Krishna1</option> <option value="3" label="Pradeep">Pradeep</option> <option value="4" label="Sudeep">Sudeep</option> </select></div></div><div class="clear"></div> –  Hacker Mar 9 '10 at 6:19
dojo.addOnLoad( function() { dojo.query('#Specific_consultant-Yes').onclick( function(evt) { // document.getElementById("Consultants").style.visibility = "hidden"; alert('hai'); dojo.style.setVisibility('Consultants', false); }); }); is the dojo code –  Hacker Mar 9 '10 at 6:20

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