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I have a database that can only be connected to from one machine.

SSHing to the machine and connecting to the database using the command line (mysql) will go to the prompt in under a second.

On the other hand, opening an SSH tunnel and using the command line to connect to the database takes over 25 seconds. I've pinpointed the issue to the rehash part of the server's loading time, but can't figure out why this process takes so long.

I assumed this was due to the rehash being done locally, while the database was remote (not in the same data center as when connecting directly via the tunnel machine itself), but the network was constantly at around 1KBps, so I'm assuming that can't be it.

Is there any way to speed things up? I've tried adding -A manually running rehash on the connection after it (very quickly) connected, but the same thing happens then.

Can the rehash be sped up somehow? If not, can it be done in the background, freeing me to work?

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