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Is there a way to create bidirectional relationship in Neo4j using Cypher? I would like the relationship to be bidirectional rather than making two unidirectional relationships in both directions For eg:


Rather than:


Thanks in advance :)

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No, there isn't. All relationships in neo4j have a direction, starting and ending at a given node.

There are a small number of workarounds.

  • Firstly, as you've suggested, we can either have two relationships, one going from A to B and the other from B to A.

  • Alternatively, when writing our MATCH query, we can specify to match patterns directionlessly, by using a query such as


    which will not care about whether A is friends with B or vice versa, and allows us to choose a direction arbitrarily when we create the relationship.

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Do you mind expounding a little on the pros and cons of alternatives the alternatives. Which one is better and why? –  qualebs Sep 20 '14 at 11:54

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