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Are there any ressources on what the parameters in a Google query mean? Any analysis how the Google search pages work internally?

Examples would be

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I've also done a little research into this which you can read at if you're interested. If you have any info to add, please feel free!

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  • q=searchstring is the search string
  • source=something is where the search originated ( webpage, Google Toolbar, Quick Search of various browsers)
  • ie=utf8 input encoding
  • oe=utf8 output encoding
  • rls=en ?interface language?
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There is Google websearch parameters cheat sheet.

This page is getting old, but it gives the Meaning of Parameters in a Google Query.

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Ok, I used the wrong search terms before. This page lists and explains some of the parameters:

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It only lists a few. i.e. it completely misses image searching tbm=isch i.e.… – Michaelangelo Sep 9 at 21:43

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