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i am trying to install oracle webcenter and some of its compnents like wls_portlet and wls_spaces, in order to deploy and test my portlet in Oracle environment. i have first installed Oracle Weblogic Server. Then installed necessary repositories for those webcenter components through RCU. finally i installed webcenter, and extended a weblogic domain. Weblogic and webcenter seem like running properly, i can login to /console (Administration Console) and /em (Fusion MiddleWare Control).

two other component, wls_portlet and wls_spaces have their own "server", which seems like running. but non of the deployments under those two is working, and "server" replies 404 for every request. i have checked logs and found some classnotfound exceptions. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.dms.wls.DMSServletFilter this one is the number one of a long exception series.

Here is two screenshots which help familiar eyes to visualize the situation alt text

alt text

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sorry for the image sizes, i couldnt make it bigger, all clickable link :) –  Serkan Kasapbaşı Mar 8 '10 at 12:12

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Make sure that WC_Spaces and WC_Portlet is running. It is hard to tell from the images provided. In the left hand navigation of the Fusion Middleware Control, expand the domain and right click on WC_Spaces. A drop down menu should appear with the option to select Control -> Startup. This should start the instance and in the right hand side the status will show green and the port. For WC_Spaces the default url and port is http://localhost:8889/webcenter/.

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The default port of WC_Spaces is 8888.

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