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$pic  = file_get_contents("http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?hl=ru&center=55.6373,34.3276&zoom=6&size=640x135&scale=2");

I try to save the maps image on the server, but the image remains not in that language which I set in where wrong?

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You have to give correct location for file_put_contents in server..


check and tell, its really work for me...

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thanks your answer for my questions. But my path is correct and picture saved successful result. If to watch the image according to the link: maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/… - here correct result. If to watch the saved image on the server, it another, the name of the cities and streets on other languages. I won't understand why so occurs. Try if there is an opportunity. Thanks for your comments. –  stopgg Jun 3 at 11:11
this is result work script: leto9g.storage.yandex.net/rdisk/… Image another –  stopgg Jun 3 at 11:19
@stopgg Oh.. now i understand. i will try and tell you asap. –  susee Jun 3 at 11:47
Fine, thanks. Still I will mark, if put a code HTML <img src="url"> - here is ok. The problem takes place only when saving a map in the file. –  stopgg Jun 3 at 12:25
I understood, everything works, all thanks! –  stopgg Jun 4 at 7:28

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