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Can anyone tell me how to find WiFi RCPI (Received channel power indication) and RSNI (Received signal to noise indicator) and load of a given wifi network using C program in ubuntu?? Else can you suggest me how to write such programs ??

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Most of the time, the wifi stack is compose of a linux device driver and a userspace daemon which is wpa_supplicant. The wpa_supplicant talks directly to the wifi driver which can be various kinds (mostly 2: the new 80211 drivers or the old wext).

So you can check the wpa_cli command to get wifi status. Or talks directly to the wpa_supplicant with his control interface.

If you don't care about the wpa_supplicant and you want to talk directly to the driver. Check the Linux wireless site to get more informations about the different driver types.

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