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I am aware that there was a way to do this in Windows, but I totally lost my memory on the subject. So I am looking for some cues. If anyone can give me an idea, that would be great.

What I want to do: A simple use case would be that I have written a String-Reformatting function for SQL Code. So now I pasted my SQL code from application A to application B. While I wrote application A and can control anything in it, I can no longer go to application B, highlight the text and rignt-click and run my text-reformatting algorithm.

So I am looking for a way to extend the right-click menu in any application. I remember how to set hooks to specific application and use this to overwrite the Key-Press events to add functionality, but is it possible to inject further options into the right click menu? It must be somewhere down the line. Oh, and I am doing this from a different application that always runs in the back.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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