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I'm trying to learn regular expressions and I would like all whitespaces before the open parenthesis to be replaced with an underscore using Notepad++ regular expression search and replace.

Currently, my regular expression only replaces a space if it is immediately before the open parenthesis.

Before: FIRST MIDDLE LAST(" ", " ")

Expected: FIRST_MIDDLE_LAST(" ", " ")

My attempted regular expression: \s+(?=\()

\s+ matches one or more white spaces (?=\() is a positive look ahead using \( (open parenthesis) as the character.

Can anyone please explain what the correct regular expression should be? Thanks in advance!

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I guess \s+(?=[^()]*\() –  georg Jun 3 at 10:20
@thg435 has the answer, use regex101.com to test. Possible correction is \s+(?=[^(]*\() as we are only looking for an opening parenthesis. –  Rossiar Jun 3 at 12:01
@Rossiar: no, I think [^()] is better, [^(] will convert foo )bar( to foo_)bar( - doesn't look right! –  georg Jun 3 at 12:30
@thg435 Thanks, this regular expression works and makes sense. –  David Yee Jun 3 at 16:52

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If I understood it correctly this should work for you:

Find \b\s+(?=.*?\() Replace: _

ie. all whitespaces following a word boundary, which is again followed by, but not a part of the selection, a couple of characters until the first occurrence of a opening bracket.

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