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I need to work with a third-party Java library from .NET.

Can anyone recommend a more elegant way to do this short of using a local socket connection to a Java wrapper.

The information I've come across so far seems a little out-dated, and suggests things like using COM.

The library is used to connect to a server. I think some RMI stuff is happening internally. Does that rule out using IKVM? (My very brief tests with ikvmc resulted in lots of warnings, but I haven't looked into these yet.)


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RMI wont work - it is langauge specific.

You can run:

  • Client / Server (program a server in java, then a web service called from .NET)
  • COM... but you need to expose the java stuff in COM first, which is not easy. But you can access C++ from Java... and from there go to .NET ;)
  • Code your own stuff.

Basically there is no common ground here. Sorry.

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Depending on the complexity of the library, IKVM might be a viable way to actually run the code of the Java library on .NET.

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