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I have a function TRANSLATE which reads value from the xml file based on a key. I wanna put "http://www.google.com?search=" in the xml file and read it based on the key(SEARCHER)

I am confused in framing the link when it comes in Response.Write

<%Dim SearchQuery1
 Dim SearchQuery2

Response.Write("<A HREF=""http://www.google.com?search="&SearchQuery1&"-"&SearchQuery2&""" TARGET=""links"">http://www.google.com?search="&SearchQuery1&"-"&SearchQuery2&"</A>")

I was trying something like this

Response.Write("<A HREF=""Translate("SEARCHER")"&SearchQuery1&"-"&SearchQuery2&""" TARGET=""links"">Translate("SEARCHER")"&SearchQuery1&"-"&SearchQuery2&"</A>")

but is throwing some error: Expected)'

PLs let me know how can i solve this????

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i got it and its working.. –  nimi Mar 8 '10 at 12:45

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You seem to have found the solution yourself, but for future reference this is the correct syntax

Response.Write( "<A HREF=""" & Translate(SEARCHER) & SearchQuery1 & "-" & SearchQuery2 & """ TARGET=""links"">" & Translate(SEARCHER) & SearchQuery1 & "-" & SearchQuery2 & "</A>")
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