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How can I put af video into InDesign in a frame/box that not has the normel video proportions? When I place a video into a box that is square I get a message saying that some elements are cropped in a way that PDF cannot display, or something like that.

Is video in square boxes or maybe circles not possible?

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If you want the PDF document to include a play area with feathering or other effects that may not export well when applied to a poster, consider using a placed image for the play area, and then place a movie (without a poster) on top of the placed image.

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Your solution helped me. But when playing the video in the PDF, the area that the video does not cover is filled with a dark grey clor, not completely black. Is it posible to change that color, so it is white instead? –  Jeppe Donslund Jun 24 '14 at 8:57

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