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Here's a Scala code I currently have:

val b = Observable.interval(1 second).map(n => if (n % 2 == 1) throw new Exception else n*n)

b.subscribe(n => println(n), e => println("error"), () => println("done"))

And here's my output:


How can I modify my Observable so that it will just keep going after each error and I'll be having an output like this:

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Since there's nothing in the Scala Standard Library called Observable, you should say which libraries you're using. –  Randall Schulz Jun 3 at 14:02
@RandallSchulz I'm using "RxJava" github.com/Netflix/RxJava –  Anton Jun 3 at 15:47
Could you catch the exception just in the map function? –  zsxwing Jun 4 at 6:31

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You can use one of the various error handlers. I think in your case onErrorFlatMap could be the right choice:



Unfortunately, onErrorFlatMap is not (as of version 0.19.0) part of the scala api.

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