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By default QPainter has its origin point in top-left corner. I want to draw shapes but all coordinates that I have are in cartesian system. So my question - how can I change the origin point to bottom-left corner? Sure, I can scale(1,-1) but then drawText() also scaled and prints inverted text. All I nee it just move origin point.

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is it that difficult to add a height()-y for each relevant call? –  ratchet freak Jun 3 at 11:34
It's not so diffcult to add that but, as you understand, it is superfluous operation, on the assumption that we can change the origin point. Also I have thousands of shapes and complicated transformation so I want to avoid that. –  folibis Jun 3 at 11:42
A combination of translate and scale is the solution. However as you already found out, if painter is scaled, text is mirrored/inverted. I also didn't find a good solution for this problem. –  bkausbk Jun 3 at 12:45

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QPainter painter(this);

painter.scale(1.0, -1.0);
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Again, this will mirror/invert text output which is undesired. And translation should be rect().center() to get cartesian coordinates, –  bkausbk Jun 3 at 12:46
then just don't use scale only translate, and when performing a drawing use negative value for y. –  Marek R Jun 3 at 12:51

You can use void QPainter::translate ( const QPointF & offset ) method to change origin coordinate. Check docs here.

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Ok, thanks guys! As I understand it's impossible just to change origin point, without any skaling/transformation. So I will use @Marek R's solution without scaling, as the most usable one. –  folibis Jun 3 at 23:54

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