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I have integrated Geo Map from Google Visualization API with Pentaho. And it works fine. But when I try to implement click action in that Geo Map, it works on double click with firefox and it doesn't react with Chrome.

Code for your reference:

function (values){
    var series=[];
     var column=[];
     for(var i=0; i < values.metadata.length; i++){
     if (values.resultset.length > 0 ) { 
     $.each(values.resultset, function(key, value) { 
     var aux=value[0]+''; 
     var find=' ['+(key+1)+']'; 
     var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable(series); 
     var options = {width: 470,height: 370,colors: [0xffe96e, 0xfada1a, 0xff6600, 0xd4002a],region: 'IN', dataMode: 'Regions'}; 
     var geoMap = new google.visualization.GeoMap(document.getElementById("KPI6299Dtl")); 
     function selectHandler() {
          var selectedItem = geoMap.getSelection()[0];
          if (selectedItem) {
            var cntry = data.getValue(selectedItem.row, 0);
            showNextLevelKPI(6299, cntry, 'Y');
     google.visualization.events.addListener(geoMap , 'select', selectHandler); 
     geoMap.draw(data, options);

I use 'select' event to trigger the map when we click. I dint get any errors in console also for Google Chrome.


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Can you try this and see if you get the alert when clicking?: google.visualization.events.addListener(geoMap , 'select', function(){ alert('test'); }); –  drew630 Jun 3 '14 at 12:32
The GeoMap visualization is deprecated. Try the replacement GeoChart instead. –  asgallant Jun 4 '14 at 2:46
Tried with alert 'google.visualization.events.addListener(geoMap , 'select', function(){ alert('test'); });' But Still it didnt show any alert –  Lavanya D. Jun 4 '14 at 4:40

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