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I have a slice of bytes (which I know that are an integer saved as little endian) and I want to convert them to an integer.

When I had a static-sized array it was no problem, but now I have a slice (ubyte[]).

Is it possible to still convert it to an integer, e.g. in this fashion?

ubyte[] bytes = ...;
uint native = littleEndianSliceToNative!uint(bytes);
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Taking further what Adam has written, you can write a simple function like

T sliceToNative(T)(ubyte[] slice) if(isNumeric!T) {
    const uint s = T.sizeof,
               l = min(cast(uint)s, slice.length);

    ubyte[s] padded;
    padded[0 .. l] = slice[0 .. l]; 

    return littleEndianToNative!T(padded);

You could even make the littleEndianToNative a generic type too so you mirror all the operations on arrays for slices.

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Thanks this is great –  Parobay Jun 6 at 5:18

Just slice the slice explicitly to the appropriate size:

import std.bitmanip;
void main() {
    ushort i = 12345;
    ubyte[2] swappedI = nativeToLittleEndian(i);
    ubyte[] slice = swappedI;

    alias Target = ushort; // make this a template param for a generic function
    assert(i == littleEndianToNative!Target(slice[0..Target.sizeof])); // the [0..Target.sizeof]

That should work for any size needed.

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could you rewrite your code to a generic function (like the one I wished for in my question) please? See I don't know the size (0..2 in your code) until runtime, because sometimes I wiil want to get 1 byte and return a byte, other times 4 bytes and return an int.. –  Parobay Jun 4 at 5:11
the 2 is just the size of the target type, so replace it with ushort.sizeof then you can make a generic function by making the ushort a template parameter too. –  Adam D. Ruppe Jun 4 at 13:41
Ok, I see. Rewrite this into littleEndianSliceToNative and I accept! –  Parobay Jun 5 at 4:56

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