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I m very new to Knockout and as a learning exercise I m trying to do knockout binding with JQuery templating (my apologies if I m referring wrong terms)

Please see this link:

Here is my code:


  var data = [
    { Id: 1, Name: "Jim" },
    { Id: 2, Name: "Bilal" },
    { Id: 3, Name: "Hussain" },
    { Id: 4, Name: "Hassan" }

var viewModel = function () {
    var self = this;
    self.tags = ko.observableArray(data);
    self.tagToAdd = ko.observable();

    self.addTag = function () {
        self.tags.push({ Name: self.tagToAdd() });


$(function () { 
    var vm = new viewModel();



    <div data-bind="template: 'tagsTemp'">
<script id="tagsTemp" type="text/html">

        {{each tags}}




I m expecting list of names but instead of names I m getting code:

{{each tags}} ${Name} {{/each}} 

Kindly guide me where I m wrong in code. I understand Knockout binding can be done in different ways but I need to do using Jquery template. Kindly help

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First: you should not use the jquery.tmpl support because that library is no longer maintained. The native KO templating engine is sufficient for the 95% of the use cases.

Second: although KO supports jquery.tmpl out of the box you still need to reference the jquery.tmpl library itself.

From the documentation:

By default, Knockout comes with support for jquery.tmpl. To use it, you need to reference the following libraries, in this order:

<!-- First jQuery -->     <script src="jquery-1.7.1.min.js"></script>
<!-- Then jQuery.tmpl --> <script src="jquery.tmpl.js"></script>
<!-- Then Knockout -->    <script src="knockout-x.y.z.js"></script>

Here is your JSFiddle with the missing reference added.

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