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I have an ASP.Net web application running on Windows Server 2012, and need to make calls to social networking sites using oauth to generate some of the page content. Everything works on my development machine, but I can't even get a single response back ("unable to connect to the remote server" error).

I disabled the firewall to test that. No luck. I created a console application to test it that way. A simple HttpWebRequest will get the html for any page I throw at it, but not any oauth request. I've used different libraries to try to achieve this, including Linq2Twitter, Spring.Social, and HigLabo. All work locally, but not on the server. I've found nothing useful in the server event log.

Can anyone give me some clues what might be happening?

EDIT: Here's some code I'm using with the HigLabo library to try to retrieve the user timeline.

using HigLabo.Net.Twitter;
var cl = new TwitterClient(consumerKey, consumerSecret, accessToken, accessTokenSecret);
var rr = cl.GetHomeTimeline();
foreach (var r in rr)
    //Console.WriteLine(r.CreatedAt + ":" + r.Text);

I'm aware that accessToken & accessTokenSecret aren't/shouldn't be necessary for a simple timeline read, but this is just to make sure it works first.

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what isn't responding to what? –  Robert Levy Jun 3 at 12:47
No HttpWebResponse from the HttpWebRequest ("unable to connect to the remote server") after timeout. –  Random Jun 3 at 12:48
that request is going from where to where? urls –  Robert Levy Jun 3 at 12:49
Request is being sent to api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/home_timeline.json –  Random Jun 3 at 13:07
that's after you've got the oauth token? if so, why is this question titled "oauth"? if not, why are you calling this url before getting a token? –  Robert Levy Jun 3 at 13:14

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This turned out to be a firewall issue, as had been suspected. But not the server firewall. This was a problem with the ISP. They had an internal firewall that was blocking all traffic to/from the social network sites. They were able to resolve it quickly with a phonecall, but it was not a coding or configuration error on my part.

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