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What I'm trying to do

I have 4 JBoss Server on different machines, all running the same application (but different environments for development, test etc.) and 1 Apache. I want people to be able to enter a URLs like




which then gets routed to the according JBoss.

What I already have

I have the workers configured like

JkMount /env1/* worker-for-env1-10004
JkMount /env2/* worker-for-env1-20004
JkMount /env3/* worker-for-env1-30004
JkMount /env4/* worker-for-env1-40004

And of course the workers.properties accordingly.

What the problem is

Since all JBoss run the same application, they all listen on the same context. Wildcards don't seem to work. Doing it with ports is not an option because firealls, doing it with subdomains is also not an option because we're not able to create DNS entries (well we could actually, but that'll cost $$).

What I thought of as a solution

I thought, it should be possible to rewrite the URL that arrives at the Apache with mod_rewrite, then route it to the according JBoss with mod_proxy and finally call the worker with mod_jk.

like this:

www.domain.com/env2/context/ --> [mod_rewrite] --> www.domain.com/context/ --> [mod_proxy:to env2] --> [mod_jk] --> the JBoss on env2

Would that be a suitable solution? If yes, could you point me in the right direction, how do I do it? Or if not, maybe you have a better idea?

Thanks a lot in advance, folks!!

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