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I have next code:


// callback function for recive the message and canceling consumer
function consumer(\AMQPEnvelope $envelope, \AMQPQueue $queue)
    echo "Message was recived and consumer will be canceled by consumer tag: {$envelope->getCorrelationId()}\n";

// generating uniqie exchange and queue
$correlationId = uniqid(str_replace('.', '', (string)microtime(TRUE)) . '_');
$queueName = "databus_response_{$correlationId}";
$consumerTag = "consumer_tag_{$correlationId}";

// establesh connection
$connection = new \AMQPConnection(array('host'=>'', 'user'=>'guest', 'password'=>'guest'));
$channel = new \AMQPChannel($connection);

// declare exchange
$exchange = new \AMQPExchange($channel);

// declare queue
$queue = new \AMQPQueue($channel);
$queue->bind($queueName, '#');

// publish message in exchange
$exchange->publish('Test message', NULL, AMQP_PASSIVE, array('correlation_id' => $consumerTag));

// run consumer for getting this echange and canceling consumer after recive the message
$queue->consume('consumer', AMQP_NOWAIT, $consumerTag);

How you can see, i send one message to queue, and run consumer on this queue. In consumer method, you can see, what i want stop consumer on this queue after reciving first message by "cancel" method, but consumer not stopped. What i do wrong?

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just return false from consumer callback when you want to stop consuming.

From AMQPQueue.php stub file:

The AMQPQueue::consume() will not return the processing thread back to the PHP script until the callback function returns FALSE.

P.S.: sad to say that php-amqp extension still lack of good documentation, but you can always read method annotation in stub files or read a bit outdated documentation on official php site in Polish language here - http://www.php.net/manual/pl/book.amqp.php (don't worry, nobody translated it, so all sensitive doc is in English).

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Thank you for your answer. You absolut correct :) –  akazakou Jun 4 '14 at 7:14

Nowadays in the php-amqplib v2.* world you can also call basic_cancel on your AMQPChannel object.

here is a great blog post about controlling the number of consumers and their ttl using this technique.

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