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I have a question concerning Tree items. I want to show where a drop action would be placed... The item will be placed in between two existing elements. So what I want to do is, to take the upper item and draw a line underneath it. But I struggling to address the itemRenderer...

I have the index for the itemrenderer, but I dont get a instance of that object.

Any help is appreciated! Markus

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If you're doing drag & drop right, it should be showing a line where you are going to drop the dragItem. That is standard behavior. You shouldn't have to do that in the itemRenderer.

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Thanks Robusto, but I didnt find any way to set the stile of only one line from the event:DragEvent variable. the only thing I can do is to take the event.currentTarget and change the border style of the whole Tree!... Markus – Markus Mar 8 '10 at 17:03

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