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I have an ELF file which just prints the famous "Hello World!" string. Now, I'm writing a program in assembly language (intel 80x86) which adds a snippet of code to the end of that executable, and invokes this code instead of the "Hello World!" code.

I've succeeded to modify the original ELF, and now the snippet is at the end of the file. I'm trying now to change the entry point to be the first line of the snippet I wrote. I used readelf -h to find the entry point of the original file (which was 0x8048060), but I don't know how to change it correcly.

I have to 2 labels, func_start and func_end for the start and the end of the snippet, and I also know that 0x18 is the offset of the entry point in ELF. I cannot just change it to the address of func_start because I need the address that func_start will be after pasting this snippet.

How can I find this address?

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