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I know there are several issues with JavaScript Array.push() method posted here, but I can't get the following example to work:

First of all, i got a global Array:

    var results = new Array();
    for (var i = 0; i < X.length; i++) {
     results[i] = new Array();

Now this array should be filled on a button-event. All I want is to fill the Array with new Arrays and push some data to them. The following code should check if results[x][y] already is an Array (and create one if it's not) and push data to it.

So, in the end, there should be an Array (result) that contains X.length Arrays filled with an unknown number of new Arrays, each of them containing an unknown number of data:

    function pushResult(result) {

        if (typeof results[currentStim][currentDist] == 'undefined') {
            results[currentStim][currentDist] = new Array();

Problem is: It just doesn't work. I made sure that currentStim is never out of bounds, I made sure that the "if"-Statement is only accessed when needed (so the Array isn't overwritten with a new one) and I watched the return-value of push(), always throwring back a number representing the new array length. As expected, this number increases evertime a value is pushed to an Array.

However, when I finally call:

document.getElementById('results').value =  JSON.stringify(results);

to pass results to my PHP-script, something like this will be passed:


push()was called MUCH more often than once (at least "1" is one of the results I wanted to be stored) and, as described, always returned an increasing arrayLength. How does that work? What happened to my data?

I testet this on Chrome as well as on Firefox, same result. It might be interesting that a seperate loop draws to a Canvas the same time, but that shouldn't interupt Array-Handling and onKey-Events, right?

Hope u can help me,



pushResult is called like this:

    // Handles Space-Events     
    function pushed(event) {
        if (event.which == 32 && stimAlive) {
            hitCurrent = true;

Where hitCurrent and stimAlive are just flags set somewhere else. Some code further the function pushedis registered as an event listener:

 document.onkeydown = function(event) { pushed(event)}

All the functions are called correctly. Adding console.log(results) to every loop just shows the right Array, as far as I can see.

According to the comments, the problem might be that "currentDist" can be a float value.

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Can you provide a complete, working example, such as a Fiddle? What are the values of currentStim or currentDist? Unlike JavaScript Arrays, JSON Arrays don't support named keys. They are strictly ordered lists. So, if either variable ever holds a value other than an index (unsigned integers), then these structures should be plain Objects. Those will be stringified to JSON as key/value pairs. –  Jonathan Lonowski Jun 3 at 14:55
If you are dynamically adding new buttons to the page, then you need to make sure those event handlers are delegated properly. Can you show how you are creating new elements and attaching events? –  Joe Frambach Jun 3 at 14:56
@MaxMeijer no, "It might be interesting that a seperate loop draws to a Canvas the same time...". I think the function pushResult is called from an event on an element on the page, and it's not being called at all. –  Joe Frambach Jun 3 at 14:59
I'd try results[currentStim][currentDist][]=result; and place a console.log or something to check what "result" is each time –  miguel-svq Jun 3 at 15:02
@miguel-svq console.log() is a good suggestion. But, JavaScript doesn't have []= for appending values. –  Jonathan Lonowski Jun 3 at 15:02

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