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I am completely new to R, so please pardon my ignorance.

The problem is as follows:

I am doing a landscape genetics study and what I need is to do is a regression with a distance matrix of genetic structure index values as my dependent variable and a whole set of environmental data as my predictor variables. The environmental data should be in the form of matrices (consisted of Euclidean distances between the parameter values at different locations).

What I need is basically Mantel test but with multiple predictor matrices :-)

I tried to use the command MRM (Multiple Regression on Matrices) from the "ecodist" package, but the problem with this command is that it treats my existing distance matrix as a data frame and it calculates distances within it, instead of using it as it is.

My genetic structure distance matrix has been generated by Arlequin - population genetics software and I can only use it the way it is...

Anyone has any idea how to solve this? I would be most grateful...

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