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I'm trying to do the next:

I have a word document, than contains the languages of a copyrights: English, Portuguese, French, ... initialy all hidden(the text)

And in the top of the document i have Checkboxs, 1 for each language, than the objective is when i choose of them the text of the language than i selected apppears (by an handler or something)

It's is possible to do that?


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is the checkbox in your c# form or word. if its in c# form then i think you can have a different word file with the different languages and according to the choice get the file. Checkbox represents mulitple choice the user can choose more than one language at a time. Otherwise you have to go for radio buttons, single select so that chooses only one language. –  zapping Mar 8 '10 at 14:35

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Ok, i believe than radio buttons is the best choice because just one choice is needed, but to use it i need to use Visual Basic Script to handle the code (hide and show text)

I think the question i made isn't a business question, before start developing the code i need sure if is a correct idea, and primary if is possible or not for example if word contains a public method than hides a selected text for example in my case.

As i never work with word using visual basic i'm not familiar to objects, etc.. im confused :S


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