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My mind is tubmling, I am unable to get the following request working:

curl --data "param1=value1&param2=value2" http://example.com/resource.cgi

with Retrofit:

The methods I tried looked like this:

getResponse(@Field param1, @Field2 param2)

getResponse(@Query param1, @Query param2)

I am getting dubious error messages, how would the method signature look in theory?

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First of all the correct annotation is @FormUrlEncoded

You then need to choose between an asynchronous or a synchronous response for the getResponse method

Choosing a POST with fields, you have to define the name of the parameter. See below.

Asynchronous calls require you to add a callback to the method

void getResponse(@Field("param1") param1, @Field("param2") param2, Callback<YourExpectedModel>)

Synchronous calls expect a return value in the signature of the method

YourExpectedModel getResponse(@Field("param1") param1, @Field("param2") param2)


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From the doc, it should probably be

String getResponse(@Field("param1") String param1, @Field("param2") String param2);

See http://square.github.io/retrofit/#api-declaration

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