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I would like to know how can we save an image that has been segmented (using fuzzy c-means method) in MATLAB where the end product are images of each cluster group. I would like to save the images to use later.

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I assume you just want to save an image, this should be independent on how you produces that.

If I understood correctly you just have to use the function

imwrite(M, filename)

Where M is the matrix containing your image data. You just need to do this for each matrix/image you have.

Then you can reload the image from filename using imread.


Note that if you want to specify the format for imwrite and not obtain it via the filename extension, you just to add an additional parameter as follow:

imwrite(M, filename, format)
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i am just curious, after using imwrite, where did that image save? any specific folder or i need to assign to that specific folder? – syakey Jun 4 '14 at 7:31
@syakey You can specifiy a full path in 'filename', if you just put a name (e.g. 'test.png') it will go straight to your MATLAB working directory. – cifz Jun 4 '14 at 9:58

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