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Is there a way to use AppleScript to fool an application into thinking that OS X's native zoom is not being used, when actually it is?

For example, say you are using a silly enterprise TV streaming app, which limits the size of the window. And if you try to zoom in with OS X's native zoom, the video stops and the app says "Please undo screen zoom". So they are limiting capability for legal reasons and not technical reasons. And you want to bypass this. Just theoretically of course...

I am not good at applescript, but something like

tell application "Decoder" that screenZoom is false

Is it possible?

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This is cross posted to SuperUser and Ask Different. Would changing your screen resolution be workable for your interests, as using zoom provides the same loss of quality? – Mark Jerde Jun 30 '14 at 18:54

No, there is not a way for Applescript to fool non-scriptable apps into detecting whether OSX is zoomed. OSX sends draw parameters to the app when you zoom. Applescript can not intercept those.

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