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This is not a question, but a "detail" that I don't know how many of you know. Anyway I want to make it public due it take me a while to understand what problem it causes.

I'm in the middle of a CRUD (Master/Detail) case. Originally I wrote:

   $tab = $tabs->addTab('Servizi');
    $qrud = $tab->add('CRUD')->setModel('service');
    if ($qrud->grid) {

But it doesn't show me the "expander" button, I controlled the model, the source code many times, etc. At the end I tryed to follow the examples LITERALLY, and change the line with SetModel to another line like:

   $tab = $tabs->addTab('Servizi');
    $qrud = $tab->add('CRUD');
    if ($qrud->grid) {

AND VOILA!!!!! it worked like a charm.

I know that this is very simple thing, but for people like me, starting with ATK4, I hope, this should be helpful.



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Yes that's a simple case, but sometimes we make mistakes.

That's because add('CRUD') returns CRUD object, but setModel('Foo') returns Model object.

So, if you make your chain like this: $c = $this->add('CRUD')->setModel('Foo'), then $c will be Model object not CRUD object !

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