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Eclipse has a "Network Connections" page in its preferences that allows one to use proxies for network connections, so if I am behind a firewall I can use these connections. I don't see any such option in the Dart Editor. So, while I am at work, I cannot update from the network because of this. I can set the proxy in a browser, but not in Dart Editor. With a direct connection to an ISP, everything is okay, but not from an internal network.

Is there some way to fix this issue? If there is another way to allow the Dart Editor to connect to a network proxy I would be pleased.

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You have to set environment variables


If your proxy needs authentication, the setup will look more like the following:


To enable Dart Editor to check for updates, add the following to the DartEditor.ini file:


If you need a user name and password for authentication, add:


See also

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How do I set the environmental variable. I know how to set a Windows environment variable but if the reference is to that. I tried it but nothing happens. – st_clair_clarke Jun 4 '14 at 0:55
It seems I missed your comment. You need to restart the application after you change environment variables to take effect. When you started the application from a command prompt you also need to close and reopen the command prompt. – Günter Zöchbauer Jul 2 '14 at 13:37

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