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I just find out my gitlab's atom feed does not serve public url for entries links.

My atom feed url is at http://MY_PUBLIC_URL.ltd/dashboard.atom?private_token=XXXXXXXX

By generated entries are like :

    <link href=""/>
    <title>User commented on issue #16 at My project / my repo</title>
    <media:thumbnail width="40" height="40" url="http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/7fe0e43839bea9ad3e28344e6f9306bb?s=40&amp;d=mm"/>
      <name>Author's name</name>
    <summary type="xhtml">

So as you can see, it use instead of MY_PUBLIC_URL, even though gitlab.yml is defined so :

production: &base
    host: MY_PUBLIC_URL
    port: 80
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