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I would like to implement auto-completion feature for wx.ComboBox widget. I do something like this in my init method:

self.languages = ['english', 'german']    
self.lexer = wx.ComboBox(self, -1, choices=self.languages, style=wx.CB_SORT)
self.Bind(wx.EVT_TEXT, self.on_dropdown_text_change, self.combo)

def on_dropdown_text_change(self, event):
    string = self.lexer.GetValue()
    items = []
    for item in self.languages:
        if item.lower().startswith(string.lower()):
    if items:
        self.lexer.SetTextSelection(len(string), -1)

So when user inputs something in ComboBox field I would like to highlight the part that was autocompleted. According to docs that should help me link to docs

I use wxPython 3.0 and get this error:

AttributeError: 'ComboBox' object has no attribute 'SetTextSelection'

Am I doing something wrong? Authors covered SetTextSelection method in tests, so, I guess, this method should be in place...

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Have you tried self.lexer.SetSelection()? –  wnnmaw Jun 3 at 18:45
SetSelection() is used for selection item from choices, not highlighting –  jsnjack Jun 3 at 18:58
The docs you point to claim they are both the same as TextEntry.SetSelection() –  wnnmaw Jun 3 at 19:08
Not really (although, docs seems to be a bit messy). It points that ComboBox.SetTextSelection() is the same as TextEntry.SetSelection(). ComboBox.SetSelection() has different purpose. –  jsnjack Jun 3 at 19:27

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