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I make custom welcome message in codeigniter script, but i want show only on index.php

I have

                <div class="welcome">
            <?php echo getConfigSetting('config_welcome') ?>

This message show in header,on all page. I want show only on homepage (index.php)

Any sugestion? Thank you

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you could try to use the CI helper URL and grab the first segment of the url to check whta page we are on.


<?php if( $this->uri->segment(1) == 'home' || $this->uri->segment(1) = '' ): ?>
  <div class="welcome">
    <?php echo getConfigSetting('config_welcome') ?>
<?php endIf; ?>

of course you would want to change the "home" to the name of your homepage name you see in the url, or the default controller/method name.

You will also want to make sure you autoload the url_helper in the config/autoload.

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i enter this but give blank page. – Tomy Jun 3 '14 at 21:34

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