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If I execute a text index in the background on MongoDB. Will this continue to execute even when I log out of the server?

db.test.ensureIndex({"name" : "text", "lastName" : "text"}, { background: true })
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Yes, background index build does not depend on your mongo shell remaining active. –  James Wahlin Jun 3 at 20:10
Is there a way you can check whether they are still running or not? @JamesWahlin –  user3368388 Jun 3 at 20:20
You can either run db.currentOp() (docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/method/db.currentOp) and look for the index build operation or tail the mongod log file. –  James Wahlin Jun 3 at 20:29
Thats brilliant, thanks :) –  user3368388 Jun 3 at 20:31

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The mongo shell does not have to remain open once an index creation operation has been launched. The build will continue even if the shell is closed.

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