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I was developing an application with iOS 7, and I just updated to the beta of iOS 8. I downloaded Xcode 6 beta and now when I plug my phone in, it lists my phone under "Ineligible devices" and won't let me develop on it. Why is this?

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This question should be re-opened as others, myself included, are having the same issue. –  Leon Aug 21 at 16:04
Related question: stackoverflow.com/questions/24039010/… –  André Morujão Sep 3 at 17:42
I agree this question should be re-opened. I also had this problem and I have a solution I would like to post: Restarting my Mac and my iPhone fixed the issue. –  NateJC Sep 29 at 17:17
In my case I had to reattach device and when it asks press "Trust this computer", then my device appears available again in xCode –  Max Gontar Oct 31 at 19:20

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I just had the same issue. What fixed it for me was changing the Deployment Target (though in my case i went from 8 to 7).

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Same issue, and that doesn't fix it for me... –  RP Development Jun 4 at 23:56
I'm also encountering with this issue –  Tomer Peled Aug 18 at 7:29
Didn't work here neither –  ronnyandre Aug 25 at 22:30
I restarted my phone and Mac. This worked for me. You should not have to change the deployment target to install your app on an iOS 8 device. –  josephap Sep 3 at 15:33
Also had this issue. Restarting my Macbook was what finally fixed it for me. –  André Morujão Sep 3 at 17:38

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