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My entire application (pre-alpha stage, free software, GPLv3+, for Linux/Debian) is the melt-monitor (on github). It aims to become a persistent program with a web interface. It will be (later) related to and communicating with some MELT extension for GCC.

I'm using jquery 2.1.1, & jeasyui (the latest one 1.3.6) and libonion. Basically, I am showing a HTML page with a lot of ajax (produced by the monimelt program which uses libonion as an HTTP server library).

To understand what I am wanting to do, imagine that I want to make a syntactic editor for arithmetic expressions (it is more complex, I really want to make a syntactic editor for a domain specific language that I am also designing). So my program would emit things like

<span class='binop' id='1'>(
   <span class='num'>23</span>
   <code class='binaryoperation'>+</code>
   <span class='var' id='2'>x</span>

and I would want to click on the opening parenthesis and have a menu appear, e.g. "Change left argument"

Now, back to my real problem: I want to replace the (Firefox 29 or 30) contextual menu by my own easyui menu, within a easyui tab (which is shown correctly).

So I have in my root document mom-root-page.html (line 75)

<div class="easyui-menu" id="mom_menu_valedit"  
     data-options="onClick:mom_do_menu_valedit" style="width:150px;">
  <div>Copy value</div>

When an AJAX function is replying to fill the tab, it emits a <div> for the tab, followed by HTML <script>, something like like

<div id='momeditor__5trqr8pmqm7_mqhwsijmzjd' class='mom_editor_cl' title='ajax_objects'>
<p class='mom_edit_title_cl' data-momediteditemid='_6mwwr0i4y9p_5aupdxjxdk1'>item <tt class='mom_edititemname_cl'>ajax_objects</tt> <small>of id:</small> <code class='mom_itemid_cl'>_6mwwr0i4y9p_5aupdxjxdk1</code>
<br/><span class='mom_editdate_cl'>edited at Tue Jun  3 22:26:35 2014</span></p>
<ul class='mom_attrlist_cl'>
<li class='mom_attrentry_cl'><span class='mom_attritem_cl' data-momitemid='_41u1utcxyek_22cftxt3xxm'>comment</span> &#8594; <span class='mom_value_cl' id='momedval_5trqr8pmqm7_mqhwsijmzjd_N1' data-momorig='{"kind":"attr","item":"_6mwwr0i4y9p_5aupdxjxdk1","attr":"_41u1utcxyek_22cftxt3xxm"}' data-momnumval='1' data-momtype='string'>&#8220;<span class='mom_stringval_cl'>handle &apos;ajax_objects&apos; webrequests</span>&#8221;</span></li>
<li class='mom_attrentry_cl'><span class='mom_attritem_cl' data-momitemid='_7sav6zery1v_24sa6jwwu6c'>web_handler</span> &#8594; <span class='mom_value_cl' id='momedval_5trqr8pmqm7_mqhwsijmzjd_N2' data-momorig='{"kind":"attr","item":"_6mwwr0i4y9p_5aupdxjxdk1","attr":"_7sav6zery1v_24sa6jwwu6c"}' data-momnumval='2' data-momtype='node'><span class='mom_nodeval_cl'>*<span class='mom_nameditemval_cl' id='momitem_6mwwr0i4y9p_5aupdxjxdk1'>ajax_objects</span>(<span class='mom_value_cl' id='momedval_5trqr8pmqm7_mqhwsijmzjd_N3' data-momorig='{"kind":"node","sons":0,"node":2}' data-momnumval='3' data-momtype='node'><span class='mom_nodeval_cl'>*<span class='mom_nameditemval_cl' id='momitem_73im2zryfij_a7zmkketcfc'>edit_value</span>(<span class='mom_value_cl' id='momedval_5trqr8pmqm7_mqhwsijmzjd_N4' data-momorig='{"kind":"node","sons":0,"node":3}' data-momnumval='4' data-momtype='item'><span class='mom_nameditemval_cl' id='momitem_7qk90k9vx0u_31ivff77td7'>editors</span></span>,


finally that same AJAX response is ending with

</div> <!-- end momeditor__5trqr8pmqm7_mqhwsijmzjd -->
<script type='text/javascript'>mom_add_editor_tab_id($('#momeditor__5trqr8pmqm7_mqhwsijmzjd'),'_5trqr8pmqm7_mqhwsijmzjd');</script>

And the mom_add_editor_tab_id function is in my mom-script.js file:

// when an editor div is generated, it is followed by a <script> calling this
function mom_add_editor_tab_id(divtab,id) {
    console.debug ("mom_add_editor_tab_id divtab=", divtab, " id=", id);
    var divtabhtml = divtab.html();
    var divtabid = "momeditab" + id;
    console.debug ("mom_add_editor_tab divtabid=", divtabid,
           "; divtabhtml=", divtabhtml);
    title: divtab.attr('title'),
    content: divtabhtml,
    id: divtabid,
    closable: true
    var tab = $('#' + divtabid);
    tab.bind("contextmenu",function (ev) { return false; });
    console.debug ("mom_add_editor_tab tab=", tab);
    tab.mousedown(function (ev) {
    console.debug ("mom_add_editor_tab mousedown ev=", ev, " ev.target=", ev.target,
               " evclx=", ev.clientX, " evcly=", ev.clientY,
               " evpgx=", ev.pageX, " evpgy=", ev.pageY);
    curval_mom = mom_containing_val($(ev.target));
    console.debug ("mom_add_editor_tab mousedown curval_mom=", 
               " isaselvalue=", 
    console.debug ("mom_add_editor_tab mousedown menuvaledit_mom=",
    var curvoff = curval_mom.offset();
    console.debug ("mom_add_editor_tab curvoff=", curvoff);
                 left: ev.pageX,
                 top: ev.pageY
    console.debug ("mom_add_editor_tab menuvaledit_mom=", menuvaledit_mom);
    tab.mouseup(function (ev) {
    console.debug ("mom_add_editor_tab mouseup ev=", ev, " ev.target=", ev.target, " curval_mom=", curval_mom,
               " isaselvalue=", curval_mom.hasClass("mom_selvalue_cl"));

As you can see, my tab.mousedown callback function is:

  • binding the  contextmenu to a function returning false to disable the default context menu (which indeed does not appear)
  • showing the easymenu with menuvaledit_mom.menu('show',.... which for some reason does not work as I want. That menu is not shown, but I expected it to be!

possible issue

I don't understand well how to translate a mouse event into a position for an  easyui menu.

Do you have any clues on what I am doing wrong? (I'm not sure of the position argument to pass to menu('show', from easyui).

If you have patience and are curious enough to try my app (you'll need to first download and install a very recent version -june 2014- of libonion from its github), to reproduce my problem: compile the melt monitor git commit 8249830, start it (see its README.md), then click on Object -> Named, input ajax_objects in the Name: combobox, and click on the edit_value string.

(I am probably giving up jeasyui and going back to jqueryui)

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