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I have a capture program which in addition do capturing data and writing it into a file also prints some statistics.The function that prints the statistics

static void* report(void)
         /*Print statistics*/

is called roughly every second using an ALARM that expires every second.So The program is like

void capture_program()
     pthread_t report_thread;

     while (!exit_now )
         if (pthread_create(&report_thread,NULL,report,NULL)) {
             fprintf(stderr,"Error creating reporting thread! \n");
           Capturing code

void *report(void *param)
     while (true)
         if (doreport)
             doreport = 0
             //access some register from hardware

The expiry of the timer sets the doreport flag.If this flag is set report() is called which clears the flag.I am using usleep to alternate between two threads in the program.This seems to work fine. I also have a signal handler to handle SIGINT (i.e CTRL+C)

static void
anysig(int sig)
    if (sig != SIGINT)

    /* Tell the main loop to exit */
    exit_now = 1;

My question:

1) Is it safe to call pthread_join from inside the signal handler?
2) Should I use exit_now flag for the report thread as well?
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Really, don't do that.

I can't find any reference suggesting pthread_join is async signal safe (and by default you should assume they are not).

But even if that was the case, what you are suggesting doing is fantastically ugly.

In your signal handler, just set a flag in a sig_atomic_t variable to say the signal has occurred. Then poll than regularly, and do the writing of stats or joining of threads outside the signal handler.

If you don't like the polling, another neat technique is the 'self-writing pipe'. Set a pipe up where the write end is written to by the signal handler (as write is async safe) and read in your main select() loop or whatever.

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