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Currently I'm using sprintf like this way:

$route = 'text.txt';
$route_r = file_get_contents($route);

sprintf($route_r, $custom_param1, $custom_param_2);

Inside text.txt we find this:

This is a test with param1 = %s and param 2 = %s

It really works okay, but I'd like something more "friendly", just like this:

This is a test with param1 = %param1 and param2 = %param2

They all are strings in this case. Is there any way to do this? Thanks

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There is; it involves ditching sprintf for str_replace or preg_replace_callback. Has been answered before, not sure about where... –  Jon Jun 3 at 21:54

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(s)printf() allows only to specify the argument by it's index in argument list:

$route_r = "This is a test with param2 = %2s and param1 = %1s";
sprintf($route_r, $custom_param1, $custom_param_2);

This enables you to swap arguments or use them multiple times. Named params aren't supported.

It looks like you are searching for a template engine like Smarty or Twig ?

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Is there any other way without using sprintf? –  Jack Johnson Jun 3 at 21:58
You are searching for a template engine? Like Smarty or Twig ? –  hek2mgl Jun 3 at 22:00

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