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I know there are a trillion similar questions but NONE have been able to help me. Here is the small sample code:

<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Captcha extends CI_Controller {

public function index(){ 


    $cap_settings = array(
        'word'          => 'Random word',
        'img_path'      => './images/captcha/',
        'img_url'       => base_url().'captcha',
        'font_path'     => './fonts/hardcorium.ttf',
        'img_width'     => '300',
        'img_height'    => '50',
        'expiration'    => 1800

    $cap = create_captcha($cap_settings);

    echo $cap['image'];

Here's what I know:

  1. Using WAMP localhost
  2. The GD2 Library is loaded (php_gd2)
  3. I created html links on the controller's index with the same path that is shown for the needed files and they work correctly
  4. Have used absolute and relative paths
  5. The Captcha folder exists, inside the application folder

Nothing is shown and firebugs throws no errors, neither does CI. I have no ideas what could be wrong.

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does the captcha folder exist? –  tomexsans Jun 4 at 2:16
@tomexsans Yes the folder is inside the application folder. –  user3704920 Jun 4 at 3:36
use APPPATH.'/images/captcha'; instead, the error is that it is trying ro find the folder on your root directory. –  tomexsans Jun 4 at 3:52
@tomexsans I have written it like so: base_url().'application/images/captcha/' and still nothing shows. –  user3704920 Jun 4 at 3:56
base_url is for links/URL, links cannot be used as directory path, i'm talking about the img_path not the img_url –  tomexsans Jun 4 at 3:58

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In the page of view the form must in following manner :-

<?php echo form_open_multipart(path,'class="form-horizontal"'); ?>

There must be 777 permission given to captcha folder, so that captcha can we read as well write.You can give permission in following manner:-

Write the below line in terminal

sudo chmod -R 777 path

Please check the above two things,as well as check the image path properly.

It will surely help you

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