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Is there a way to get Uberdoc to use the YAML block somehow? Uberdoc is a kind of build system on top of Pandoc, and Pandoc understands YAML. I'm generating a PDF on a mac like so:

uberdoc build -p

I know I can do a basic title page using % Some Title\n% Some author, but I was after YAML if it's possible.

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What does uberdoc have to do with this? I thought uberdoc was a wrapper for pandoc? What happened when you tried to use yaml metadata like normal with pandoc? –  dfc Jun 4 at 0:03
It didn't appear in the final PDF doc. I assumed that Uberdoc would have nothing to do with it, but it seems to be interfering somehow –  Andrew Matthews Jun 4 at 0:40
Had a quick skim through the uberdoc code - he's rewritten the pandoc tex template to cut most of the formatting options, but the title chunk seems the same. Run it with -v and see what pandoc command it is actually executing - that may help with diagnosing it. –  Oliver Matthews Jun 4 at 8:16
Also, I notice uberdoc is relying on pandoc's default formatting deduction engine. Try changing your pandoc_options_pdf in the cfg file to include -t pdf+yaml_metadata_block to force it to include yaml support. –  Oliver Matthews Jun 4 at 8:24
Gah, I clearly hadn't had enough coffee this morning - the option is added to the from, not the to. It's -f markdown+yaml_metadata_block –  Oliver Matthews Jun 4 at 13:24

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