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I am struggling to solve the below problem:

I have a list of users who have attended various numbers of courses. Now I want to find which courses each person has attended and list them in a new sheet. Below is a picture of my sheet:

Names                                                                        | Courses
Farnaz Hossein Zadeh, Elena Pak, Mehran Behzadi, Atefeh Ghorbani, John Smith | AP01
John Smith, Farnaz Hossein Zadeh, Tom green                                  | AP03
John Smith                                                                   | AP05

And I need to get:

F                      G       H
Farnaz Hossein Zadeh   AP01    AP03
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What have you tried thus far? –  embedded_guy Jun 4 at 0:11

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As far as I know, this is not quite possible with Excel formulas alone.

First, you need to clean up your data. Your can use Data > Text to columns to separate the comma-separated data. Then, make that data vertical so that you effectively have a list of pairs course-student. Then you can list unique courses by doing a pivot table on your data.

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