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The following CSS works well under firefox but doesn't work under IE browser, Why?
Also, how can I make only the elements, directly under the parent element, be affected by CSS?




<div class="box">
      <div> level3</div>
      <div> level3</div>
      <div> level3</div>
      <div> level3</div>
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Internet Explorer supports the child selector (>) since version 7, but only in Standards mode. Make sure you are using a Doctype that triggers standards mode.

If you are targeting IE6 then you are out of luck. You need to either depend on JS or use descendant selectors.

a>b { foo }


a b { foo }
a * b { reverse-of-foo }
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Sorry to resurrect, but I'm at a loss with the reverse-of-foo part :P – Baumr Nov 4 '12 at 5:50
@Baumr the a b rule will declare properties intended for the descendant; a * b rule should declare properties over-riding the rule above. – Barney Mar 7 '13 at 17:32

The child selector is not supported at all by IE6 and only partly by IE7. Child selector

CSS Compatibility tables

there is, sadly, no way to do this except to "un-declate" the definitions for all grandchildren.

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I may be wrong about what you are looking for but this is how I would tackle your problem:

.box {font:24px;}
.box div {font:18px}
.box div div {font:12px;}

This will work fine for you example, however be aware that if you have another .box with div's in it they will be affected as well.

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