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I've a Future[List[Person]][1] and I want to get the List[Person] from it. How can I do it ?

import scala.concurrent.Future
val futPersons : Future[List[Person]] = .... 
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There are multiple ways:

futPersons.map { personList =>

This map returns another Future composed with whatever you return from the map. The map will execute only if the future completes successfully. If you need to handle failure you can use onComplete

futPersons.onComplete {
  case Success(personList) => ...
  case Failure(exception)  =>  ... 

Or you can wait for the future to complete (this is blocking):

val personList: List[Person] = Await.result(futPersons, 1 minutes)
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note that Await is blocking so it shouldn't be used. Best option is to use future composition. –  goral Jun 4 at 5:42
@goral It is mentioned as blocking. Sure there are cases where one can wait for a futures to complete. –  Prasanna Jun 4 at 6:00
+1 Nice explanation - especially the onComplete –  javadba Jun 4 at 8:00

Blocking way (pauses your thread until you get the value back) using Await.result:

scala.concurrent.Await.result(futPersons, timeout)

Or, using a callback with onSuccess:

futPersons onSuccess {
    case persons => // do something with persons
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