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I have made an application which runs three backgroundworkers simultaneously. It basically updates three datagridviews, which it is doing spot on. My problem is if I press maximizebox button or anywhere in any of the datagridview the program hangs for quite a long time. I am able to use the horizontal scroll but not vertical scrolls. I have tried Backgroundworker_runworkercompleted and it fires as required after threads have updated their respective datagridviews. Is it a normal behaviour or am i doing something wrong any suggestions would be helpful. P.S: I have run the whole program using step method and their is no infinite loop in the code. Thanks in advance Jhon

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It sounds like you are still blocking the UI thread somehow. It may be helpful for you to post some code snippets. Also, what is the CPU utilization of your process? If the cpu usage is high, you may be starving the UI thread somehow.

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Okay I have found the solution to my problem, while working out sequential elimination of the perceived trouble spots, I called my datagridview outside of the backgroundworker.dowork event and voila that solved the problem. Moral of the story "NEVER UPDATE A DATA GRID VIEW FROM WITHIN THE BACKGROUNDWORKER THREAD" specially when you don't know what are you doing wrong :). I hope it will help someone in future.

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Can you please give us the reason that why we can't update the datagridview from backgroundworker.Dowork? I'm also facing the same problem, So I set datagridview scroll bars to none and when the datagridview is fully updated I again set scroll bars to both in backgroundworker.runworkercompleted event. –  Muhammad Saqib Jul 16 '14 at 11:40

Place this line of code just before when you are calling Backgroundworker1.RunWorkerAsync() to temporarily disable your datagridview scroll bars.

DataGridView1.ScrollBars = ScrollBars.None

Now Re-enable scroll bars of your datagridview by adding this line of code in BackgroundWorker1_RunWorkerCompleted event.

DataGridView1.ScrollBars = ScrollBars.Both

This will never make your application unresponding.

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