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working on a large text file and I'd like to remove all lines that don't contain the text "event":"click"}]

I've tried to do some regex within Sublime 3 and can't get it to stick.

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so what have you tried? If you show some effort, we might be able to point out where you went wrong and better help you. – MattDMo Jun 4 '14 at 4:36
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I have not used sublime but you could select all line not containing the text "event":"click"}] with the regex:


I think you could replace them by nothing(empty string) or backspace

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Use this one to get result to stdout

sed -n '/"event":"click"\}\]$/p' your_large_file

Use this one to keep only lines that end with "event":"click"}], your_large_file.old backup will be generated

sed -i.old -n '/"event":"click"\}\]$/p' your_large_file
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