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I'm getting a warning: "Return makes pointer from integer without a cast" for this method...

+(BOOL *)getBoolFromString:(NSString *)boolStr  
    if(boolStr == @"true" || boolStr == @"1"){  
        return YES;  
    return NO;  
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BOOL is not a class or object, so returning a pointer to a BOOL is not the same as returning a BOOL.

You should remove the * in +(BOOL *) and everything will be ok.

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Besides what @Jasarien and @jlehr have said, you have a problem with this:

(boolStr == @"true" || boolStr == @"1")

That's doing pointer comparison, not object equality. You want:

([boolStr isEqualToString:@"true"] || [boolStr isEqualToString:@"1"])
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To get a BOOL from an NSString, all you need to do is send a -boolValue message, like so:

NSString *myString = @"true"; // or @"YES", etc.
BOOL bool = [myString boolValue];
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To be specific, from the docementation: Returns YES on encountering one of "Y", "y", "T", "t", or a digit 1-9—the method ignores any trailing characters. –  Abizern Mar 8 '10 at 19:27

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